Final BU

In the Stanford University article by Lori Butterfield entitled Tackling the Wealth Gap: KKR's Pete Stavros and a New Employee Ownership Model (May 17, 2023), what does Butterfield say is the main reason that employee stock ownership programs [ESOPs] work? Do you think most informed Americans would agree with Butterfield that employee stock ownership programs are a good deal for workers? Provide examples from any of your reading, your conversations with other Americans or your experience to support your evaluation of the author's assertion.

"Private Equity's Unlikely Champion for Giving Workers a Leg Up Giving Employee Ownership" on 60 Minutes [13:18]

"Can Private Equity Be . . . Nice?" by Megan Greenwell in Slate

Leadership Rundown: Opportunity Through Ownership with Pete Stavros by Asutosh Padhi at McKinsey & Company, Feb. 2023

Employee Ownership: Wall Street Agrees that Ownership Works by Dean Zerbe for Forbes

Private Equity at Wikipedia

CEO Secrets: We Tried Paying Everyone the Same. It Failed. by Jeremy Howell for the BBC

The Company Where Every Employee Earns the Same by Megan Carnegie for Wired [May 30, 2023]

What If Everyone Had The Same Salary? by Gallagher Finn for How Stuff Works

Private Equity is Going to Give ESOPs a Bad Name by Kevin Long for Employee Benefits Law Group







All finals should be turned in to me via e-mail by Wednesday, May 15 [2024] by 6:00 PM