ENGWR 301 Drama Assignment

1. In 1500 words examine how Edward Albee represents middle class American life in The Zoo Story and The American Dream. Are his representations of middle class American life essentially the same or do they vary?

2. Provide a thesis that characterizes Albee's depictions of middle class American lifefor both plays and exemplify your characterizations.

3. In the conclusion, you may choose one of these two options:

1) discuss if you think Albee's representation of middle class life is a fair one or whether it is a distortion of middle class life.

2) discuss if you think that Albee's representation of American middle class life as he saw it in the 50s still applies to American middle class life today.

4. You may use any sources to help you interpret the plays, but they must be cited using MLA parenthetical citation. Refer to the following page for how to cite poems as per MLA.