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Practitioners do not seem to agree. A federally commissioned report reaffirms marijuana has medicinal value. "Federal authorities should rescind their prohibition of the medical use of marijuana for seriously ill patients and allow physicians to decide which patients to treat. The government should change marijuana's status from that of a Schedule I [prohibited] drug ... to that of a Schedule II drug ... and regulate accordingly." —Dr. Jerome Kassirer, editor, New England Journal of Medicine, January 30, 1997 (

Reuter and MacCoun examined different ways to determine the concept of whether or not marijuana was a gateway drug. They interpreted data if there was a gateway effect and postulated if the prevention of or delayed usage of marijuana would prevent the consequential flow to use of other drugs or would limit change in the involvement sequence. Reuter P, MacCoun R. Weighing the harms of cannabis use and cannabis prohibition. In: Proceedings of the international cannabis and psychosis conference, Melbourne, Department of Human Studies, 1999.


American soldiers were exposed to tequila during the war with the United States. "Some say tequila was first exported to the USA in 1873, when Sauza sold three barrels to El Paso del Norte (Chadwick online)."


Big contract-manufacturing companies such as SCI Systems, Flextronics International, and NatSteel Electronics make everything from Ericsson cell phones to Cisco networking equipment and Palm Pilots. "The boom in electronics, which has been surging, 25% annually, has enabled Guadalajara's economy to come roaring back. Since 1995, joblessness has dropped sharply. And most factory workers, even in industries other than electronics, now earn at least twice the minimum wage. (Clifford online)"


The only things Wal-Mart leaves behind in Honduras are the below-poverty $.43 an hour wage and the factory rent. "There are very few backward linkages from these free trade zones to the local economy. In fact, 81 percent of the total value of the maquila export is composed of foreign inputs, and only 19 percent is value added in Honduras." (NLC online)

One sweatshop, named Evergreen Factory in Rio Blanco Industrial Park, makes clothes for the largest reatiler and employer in the world, Wal-Mart. This sweatshop factory can adequtely describe what millions of workers all around the world are faced with day in and day out. "Going into these factories is like entering prison, where you leave your life outside. The factory owners do not let—and don't want—the young workers to think for themselves. They want them to be stupid. The workers need permission to use the bathroom, and they are told when they can and cannot go." (qtd. in NLC online).

Sri Lanka does not have the means to operate in the same way China does. (Friedman, Thomas online)

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