Grammar Pre-test

Name each part of speech for the sentences below. Use the abbreviation guide below to help you label each word.



DO=direct object

IO=indirect object



PA=predicate adjective

PN=predicate noun





OP=object of preposition

SC=subordinating conjunction [connector word for dependent clauses]

SDC=subject of a dependent clause

VDC=verb of a dependent clause

ODC=object of a dependent clause

RP=relative pronoun

SRC=subject of relative clause

VRC=verb of relative clause

ORC=object of relative clause


NC=noun clause (put brackets around the whole clause)

GP=gerund phrase (put brackets around whole phrase)

IP=infinitive phrase (put brackets around whole phrase)

PE=parenthetical element (put brackets around the whole element)

Note: You may treat a, an and the as adjectives or you may leave them blank.

1. She wants to complete her education, support herself with a new career, establish her own credit, and develop close relationships with new friends.

2. When I tried out for the team, the coach gave me a hard time and ridiculed me because I was a girl.

3. As he is standing there, a police officer approaches the shopkeeper, the panhandler and him.

4. The many colors that he displayed changed before my eyes.

5. The project that is taking so much time and energy to complete is laying the tile in our entryway, hallway, kitchen and bathroom.