Grammar Test 2 Answer 13

Write a sentence which includes the following parts of speech: 1) a restrictive relative clause 2) noun clause 3) passive voice [5 pts.: 1 pt for the noun clause; 2pts. for the restricitive relative clause; 2 pts. for the passive voice]


Cowboys who own only one pair of boots know that eventually they will be made humble by the fickle finger of fate that forces them to step in deep moose do-do.

1) restrictive clause—"who only own one pair of boots" specifies which cowboys. It restricts the meaning to only certain cowboys. Therefore, it is restrictive.

2) noun clause—"that eventually they will be made humble" after the mental operation "know" is the noun clause. It is not a relative clause because it does not refer back to an adjective.

3) passive voice—the passive voice occurs in the verb of the noun clause "will be made humble by the fickle finger of fate." It could have been written in active voice as "the fickle finger of fate will humble them . . ."