Grammar Test 3

Correct all grammar, punctuation, capitalization, spelling, usage errors. (1 pt. a piece for each error)

1. Knecht Ruprecht the mysterious and jocular farmhand was wary of letting everyone discover his penchant for bedding in straw with barn animals, and showing up just when farmer Joe's toenails needed to be clean and cut.

2. Martin, whose father had been a butcher, and who had himself griped to pictures of slain animals, was tired of Simone telling him how he should speak to the cold cuts.

3. On Tuesday Sept 14, 1948 Jerry laid on the couch groaning audibly when he saw photos of the kill floor at the first commercial food cannery where he recognized his favorite pet goldfish Johnny.

4. When Bazooka Joe joined the Yakuza nobody dared to call him Yakuza Joe, even though he wore a Kanji tatoo on his elbow.

5.Everyone who he had seen at the party was anxious to recount their story of Tiki's escapade with the dancing hooker and the salad fork.

6. Adolescence who are unsure of their bodies fret a while over their appearance and bodily functions; then they courageously age and let their minds deteriorate.

7.If John Brown's body was found it would still be marching on wouldn't it?

Correct the following passive voice constructions. [3 pts. each] (Be careful to keep the same tense as the original!)

8.The manner in which the execution was discussed was handled inappropriately by the joking relatives of the deceased.

9. The fact that he had been a monkey's uncle had been kept secret for nearly fifty years.

Correct the following error(s) with run-ons and fragments.[3 pts each]

10. Despite the notion she had that there were blue butterflies in her hair that liked to eat dandruff.She sensed that they would not be satisfied to feast or fine dine on the follicle. Although she understood that soon the poor butterflies would be poisoned by her hair spray.

Correct the faulty parallel construction(s). [4 pts.]

11. Because the dog had problems that only its analyst knew and were quite embarrassing and because the dog had been a friend to the emperor, the kennel master sought additional counseling for the Pekingese that was fixated on sniffing the particulars of the dachshunds, terriers, and the other caged animals.

Complete an MLA in-text citation and a bibliographic entry for the following book with one author. [2 pts. (1 pt. for each)]

Author: Woody Wanamaker

Title: Great Questions the Male Mind Must Endeavor to Answer

ISBN: 1-57912-037-9

Publisher: Gentle Grope Press

Distributor: Doofus & Sons

Place of publication: Boise, Idaho

Date of copyright/publication: 1986

12. (in-text citation)

13. (bibliographic entry)


Write a sentence that includes the following (5 pts.):

1) a compound participial phrase

2) a non-restrictive relative clause that modifies the direct object

3) a phrasal verb


Extra Credit (2 pts.):

Write a short dialogue or group of sentences that illustrates the correct usage of the interrobang.