Grammar Test 4

Correct all grammar, punctuation, capitalization, spelling, usage errors. (1 pt. a piece for each error)

1. Finally Placenta said "Mamie don't you think its a shame we don't offer sanctuary anymore to stray embryos whose fate has left them so far from home."

2. So many of the arthritic pigeons whom we are accustomed to seeing at chavez park have never tasted the likes of the sweet deserts left out in the alley in back of Frank Fats.

3. The presence of the veteran beagle at the neighborhood park affected a change in the behavior of Lucifer Poodle, however her squealing barks never let up enough for the gray squirrels to feel at ease when they gamboled across the grass worn thin by the nervous pacing of all the pooches.

4. Everybody who knows the old wretch says they have noticed how the boys down at the diner have taken an interest in her newly-developed full compliment of teeth.

5. The game sportsman wanted to try and do something for his buddies back at the lodge who had shingles, so he brought them a poultice of ground acorns, toadstools and sprigs of irish heather.

6. Everyday that past made the man who called himself The Demagnetizer more aware of his failings as a superhero whose web sight hadn't chronicled any miraculous feats.

7.There have been several incidence of late including the one with the shredded urinal lozenge found among the red onions at the salad bar that have peaked the interest of the men in blue suits, who frequently eat lunch there.

8.The moon shown brightly as he lead her to the bed where her stuffed animals laid and where she, too, was laid on the silk bedspread she'd made from scraps sold at the Thrifts.

Change each following passive voice construction to active voice. [3 pts. each] (Be careful to keep the same tense as the original!)

9.The window of the deluxe minivan was broken by hoodlums because they wanted to feel the rich leather interior.

10. If the attempts to sell the wing of the space shuttle on eBay had been discovered earlier, then the signature marks of a Klingon phaser would have been recognized and reported to the press before the story was run by The New York Times.

Correct the following error(s) with run-ons and fragments.[3 pts.]

11. Bargaining with the master shyster at the Turkish bazaar because she was broke from eating the goat kabobs. The injured party pointed out that she had a rich uncle in the States and that she had once known Ataturk and she slammed her coin purse on the table but it was to no avail.

Correct the faulty parallel construction(s). [4 pts.]

12. To recruit others into his gang of slovenly misfits and by perverting them with his photos of a nude Hillary morphed with an armadillo, the cautious Kid Sandbox targeted a group of lapsed Christian kids near the monkey bars and slowly approached them with only the thought of converting them on his mind.

Correct the faulty pronoun usage in the following sentence. [2 pts.]

13. Frankenstein asked the villager's loveliest daughter to take a peek at his stitches and to tend each one with a loving kiss, but this would have been no relief to his flagging self-image.

Write one sentence that includes all of the following (5 pts.):

1) a compound verb using a modal

2) a participial phrase that occurs after the main clause

3) a hyphenated adjective