Interpreter of Maladies Study Questions #2 (pg.70-135)

1. Why was Boori Ma living in Calcutta and how did she regard her previous life?



2. What is a durwan?



3. Why was Mrs. Dalal displeased with Mr. Dalal when he brought home the basins?



4. Why does Mr. Chatterjee decide that the building needed a new durwan?



5. In the beginning of their relationship, why was Miranda attracted to Dev?



6. Why did Miranda buy the silver cocktail dress and the satin slip with the scalloped edges?



7. Why did Miranda decide not to rent a film with Madhuri Dixit in it?



8. How does Miranda react when Rohin tells her what "sexy" means?



9. Why does Mrs. Sen ask Elliot if he thought anyone would come if she screamed?



10. Why does Mrs. Sen think that Elliot must be lonely for his mother during the day when she is gone?



Extra Credit 1: How does the author Jhumpa Lahiri contrast Eliot at the end of the story with Mrs. Sen?



Extra Credit 2: Why was the Taj Mahal referred to as an example of a "monument to love"?