Interpreter of Maladies Study Questions #3 (pg.136-198)

1. Why did Sanjeev think that the Christian statues and other paraphernalia looked silly?



2. What did Sanjeev do that charmed Twinkle at their first meeting?



3. What initial thought occurs to Sanjeev as all the other partygoers are upstairs in the attic?



4. What was the second thought he had while the partygoers were upstairs in the attic which contradicted that in #3?



5. What affliction did Bibi suffer from?



6. What did the doctor at the polyclinic prescribe to cure her?



7. Why is the pregnancy of Haldarıs wife bad news for Bibi?



8. How did the locals respond to Haldarıs negligence towards Bibi?



9. How had Bibi Haldar been cured?



10. What is the request that Mrs. Croft makes to the speaker upon their first meeting that both puzzles him and slightly irritates him?



11. What unintentional act of kindness did the speaker show to Mrs. Croft?



12. What did Mrs. Croft think was improper about the meeting between the speaker and Helen?



13. Why does the speaker seem obligated to warm up Mrs. Croftıs soups in the evening?



14. Why do you think Mrs. Croft thought Mala was perfect lady?



15. To what does the speaker compare his sonıs astonishment at the rent he paid at Mrs. Croftıs in 1969?