Socratic Method

1. Learn each other's names. ! Explain that participation requires listening and active engagement and that it is not enough to just insert a single comment in class and then be silent for the rest of the day. Emphasize that students should focus their comments on concepts or principles, not firstperson narratives, but even first person narratives are OK if they relate to the topic at hand.

2. Ask questions and be comfortable with silence. Silence is productive. Be willing to wait for others to respond. There is no need to fill a conversational void; silence creates a kind of helpful tension. Use the “ten-second wait” rule before you attempt to re-phrase your questions!

3. Find ways to produce “productive discomfort.” Cold-calling works, but temper it sometimes with more inviting questions like "Do you have an opinion on this?"

4. Use follow-up questions! Get others to account for themselves.