"Were You Born on the Wrong Continent?" Study Question #1

1. What percentage of the elderly and children live in poverty in the US compared to Sweden and Germany?



2. What does Geoghegan say accounts for the fewer number of hours worked by the average European?



3. How does Geoghegan illustrate that France is more beneficial to women?



4. Name five expanded benefits of France that the government has provided since 2009.



5. What distinction does Geoghegan make between vertical and horizontal mobility?



6. Why does Geoghegan say the neoconservatives really are right about weak government and lower taxes?



7. What does Geoghegan say is bad GDP and good GDP?



8. Why does Geoghegan say Americans spend more of our GDP on health care as a result of inefficient planning?



9. Why does Geoghegan say that a plutocracy is responsible for a greater amount of shoddy goods?



10. Why does Geoghegan say that as the rich get richer, there is more of a drag on upper middle class income?



11. What does Geoghegan see as the reason people are munching on organic food at Whole Foods?



12. What does Geoghegan think is the drawback of more efficiently delivered public goods?



13. In what general categories of employment does Geoghegan say you are better off in Europe that in the US?



14. Why does Geoghegan say French couples have 3 children?



15. What party in Germany put in the benefit of being paid for taking in your own parents for care?



16. How does the corporate lawyer respond when Geoghegan accuses him of liking the fact that everyone in the US is getting squashed?



17. Why does Geoghegan say that the Germans have been outcompeting the US with one hand tied behind their back?



18. Why does Geoghegan say that higher labor costs can actually make a country more competitive?



19. How does Geoghegan support his claim that without an industrial base democracy dies?



20. What does Geoghegan say are the three basic building blocks of German social democracy?