Grammar Test 1

Correct all grammar, punctuation, capitalization, spelling, usage errors. (1 pt a piece for each error)

1. The ferret was named after a famous politician, Ruth Lessindeed, therefore eventually it took to stealing food from our plates.

2. After the official announcement of the discovery of Moses's contacts with his bookie, pope Charlie revealed that those who had bet against him leading his people out of Egypt had been swindled.

3. Jeremiah had no idea that ken-l-ration which is the meatiest dog food on the market was actually made from hedgehog parts and he denounced it's inclusion in the school lunch program.

4. Archie knew the man that introduced himself, looked him in the eye and smiled, and he decided there was nothing to loose by letting the man take a bite of his sandwich.

5. John spoke his line quick get out of your pantsuit so that Dawn will think I am a new man.

6. I began to unload the car taking the cooler, then the blankets, mats, kite, frisbee and the spam carved into the shape of Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz.

Correct the faulty parallel construction. (4 pts.)

7. While he was watching his brother do the dishes and dry the plastic silverware, Joe McGillicuddy knew that his brother would always be his mother's favorite and his chances for redemption were slim.

Locate the clauses in the following sentences and determine which is a relative clause or a noun clause. (2 pts. a piece)

8. Counting on some sort of payback, the man who was eating the last of the ice cream decided to move to another state.

9. Out of frustration the woman no longer questioned whether her boyfriend took his Flintstones vitamin during breakfast.

10. Martha accused George of eating all the Gummi bears in the pantry although there was no evidence that the dentist could find for her claim.

11. After its routine walk in the woods, the skunk flinched, revealing its long-held suspicion that birds are dirtier than everyone thinks.

Fix the following run-on sentences/sentence fragments. (3 pts. a piece)

12. Because he was never satisfied with the way she did her hair, even though he secretly found her teased look exciting when he looked at her from the side. He often found himself gazing longingly at all the wares at the wig shop.

13. During the male giraffe's brief encounter with the leopard while their pens were near each other, the ostrich had no one to flirt with by making eye contact, so it finally stuck its head in the sand and this is the real story of how the ostrich became so shy and frightened.

14. Actually, there is no one being held responsible for this sentence because it is clear that no one wishes to ensure that its meaning is clear, and I, as the sole proprietor, have no other choice but to assault the reader's sensibilities, and the reader knows this.

Write one sentence that uses a participial phrase and an infinitive. (5 pts)



(Use the back of the print-out to formulate your answers that require you to write sentences.)