Grammar Test 2

Correct all grammar, punctuation, capitalization, spelling, usage errors. (1 pt. a piece for each error)

1. Joan Collins scorning the critics of her latest attempt at nuptial bliss was gladdened by the attitude of Tara her eldest daughter who congratulated her mother's new husband who is two years her junior.

2. Barry wished he was a horse so that the stable boy who he was interested in would have to clean up after him, and comb him in the late afternoon.

3. The airport security guard knew that he could of scored a fingernail clipper from the rock star, who ironically enough was a strong believer in personal hygiene.

4. John Thomas' new hot tub was too hot and it made him turn redder than a portuguese tomato.

5. Because he saw a picture of it on the Internet Alex whispered to Jenny, "that there was a new Mcdonald's going up near mars this month."

6. Emperor Hirohito of Japan decided to get a new boxspring and mattress, so that he wouldn't get bounced around at night by his wife who was dreaming of becoming a Sumo wrestler.

7. While laying underneath the dinning room table, Philip seen the build up of animal dander, and consequently he understood it was time to get his air ducts cleaned by his cousin, who had helped him before, and had just gotten out of prison.

Correct the following passive voice constructions. [3 pts. each] (Be careful to keep the same tense as the original!)

8. Winston, Santa's most outgoing elf in purchasing, was met by a gregarious salesman whose teeth reminded him a little of a young Godzilla.

9.The compassionate one, Haji, informed Mr. Kipling that his pet elephant had been struck down that afternoon during the thunderstorm.

Correct the following error(s) with run-ons and fragments.[3 pts each]

10. The politically-correct doctor performed a hystorectomy on the woman's husband too. Believing that such an operation was unfairly performed exclusively on women.

11. Originally, yabusame archers competed as a form of prayer, and those who missed their clay or wooden targets were obliged to commit suicide, but the practice went out of date in the 12th century after emperors realized they were losing too many skilled warriors.

12. Careful to measure the shower stall before he used it, Jon-Jon, the two-ton gorilla, wedged himself into the space and lathered up, however, he had forgotten to bring along his favorite towel with the picture of Betty Boop on it.

Write a sentence which includes the following parts of speech: 1) a restrictive relative clause 2) noun clause 3) passive voice [5 pts.: 1 pt for the noun clause; 2pts. for the restricitive relative clause; 2 pts. for the passive voice]