Grammar Test A

1. When a male undergoes chronic stress because there is no deodorant in his enclosure he calls, searches and whines for his scattered harem.

2. Subordinate males do not develop large testes in the presence of older males; therefore they do not develop back pain and "weary leg" as they get older.

3. Zizi, a middle-aged female, sported a pair of bright pink panties on her rump indicating that she was sexually receptive and probably fertile.

4. As the sun pours heat and light onto it, our planet gets more complex and this, unfortunately explains the existence of spaghetti.

5. However selfish a man may be, there tends to be a whiff of a principled nature about him, even though he may not have been vigorously trained in generosity.

6. If you shut your eyes and someone allows you to feel a strangely shaped potato, you will be able to pick it out from other differently shaped potatoes but if someone allows you to feel a strangely shaped buttocks, a warm sensation may begin to form at the base of the skull.

7. A style of grooming and hunting among chimpanzees has made them very popular for those who look for similarity in humans who are trying to get some sleep at an airport.

8. The first human experienced the pangs of angst when he realized he was alone in the world and had raised his declarative middle finger.

9. Harder to deal with the reality that this research monkey may become a chronic alcoholic because of an unhappy childhood and an obsession for Tom Waits' early recordings.

10. Almost anyone who has ever thought of becoming an ape, would imagine themselves as prepared to do what it takes to become a good boyfriend or girlfriend.

11. No one has ever questioned why a large fruiting tree or piles of sugarcane trigger a binge of sex among bonobos and they tend to French kiss when someone throws a cardboard box into their enclosure.

12.Not caring anymore for the dog's affectionate advances towards her, a sudden, deep rift developed between it and the amused but obviously rattled bonobo.

13. In every case where the Buddha, the imperturbable one, would regard his monkey nature, there were several relatives, who were not surprised at his desire to groom them.

14.His only psychologist, to who it had already long been apparent, was relieved to hear that the boy's psychogenic dwarfism was not due to severe and prolonged psychological stress.

15.If there was a little bit of Binti Jua, the ape who carried a three-year-old boy to safety at Chicago's Brookfield zoo, in those fans who attend NBA games, then we might expect a little bit more grooming and coddling between fans and players.

16. The ethologist felt he was not bringing about the affect he wanted in the bonobo, so he laid down next to the young female, shed his shirt and pants, and tried to appear as if he needed grooming.

Change the following passive voice construction into an active voice sentence.

17.The loss of self-control by the instructor was seen by the students as an interesting personality failure, one that made them feel better about themselves.

18.Washoe, the signing chimp, was questioned about how the other chimps were getting stains on the La-Z-Boy in their enclosure.

Correct the following faulty parallel construction.

19. Bonaventure, a member of the new and improved troop of chimps at Gombe, disliked flinging stones at grazing forest bucks that happened to pass by and to enage in monosyllabic arguments with females in the troop.

Construct a single sentence from the following shorter sentences that has a participial phrase subordinated to a main, independent clause.


a) The dog wanted to get a Pell Grant.

b) The dog showed up at the office in its best doggie sweater.

c) The dog was ready to recite pertinent facts about George Wasington's role in the American Revolution.

d) The dog thought that the American Revolution was relatively unimportant compared to Rin Tin Tin's call for "leash liberation."

Extra Credit: Construct a single sentence that contains all the following parts of speech:

1) a restrictive (not well-identified) relative clause

2) a phrasal verb

3) a gerund phrase