Caliban 11

At point zero, radiant energy is released at the speed of light, but you can see it here in slow motion.
--Arthur Sze, The Los Alamos Museum

My brain was a hill country
And the moon was unequal to itself
Rivers were flowing through my head from ear to ear.
--Fouad El-Etr, Tonight the Stars Are in Tatters

I invent myself, a sliding number game from a birthday party.
--Linette Lao, Evolution

The wise man wants to know
what color are the irises
behind the flour white membranes
--Cheryl Gilbert, Themis Is Not Related To Zeus, She's Just a Bird With a Funny Name.

Featuring: Janet Kauffman, Elizabeth Robinson, Arthur Sze, Harry Lawton, Ronnie Burk, Fouad El-Etr, Wayne Paige, Dieter Weslowski, Lucy Hochman, Linette Lao, Emmi Whitehorse, Yusef Komunyakaa, Edward Smallfield, George Kalamaras, Cheryl Gilbert, Jack Anderson, Denver Butson, Jacques Servin, John Stickney, Sung J. Rno, Edward Mycue, George Albon, Timothy Liu, Jay Passer, Tim Kahl, Clifford Chase, Robert Vandermolen, Lindsay Hill, James Bertolino, Albino Carrillo, Lyn Lifshin, Ted Lardner, Jan Richman, Douglas Gunn, Bob Heman, Simon Perchik, Robert Gregory, Ann T. Makeever, Robert Johnson, Frank Johnson, Curt Anderson, Eduardo Vega, Tom Wayman, Leiv Kadmon, Tracy Philpot, David Graham, Thomas L. Vaultonburg, Adrian C. Louis, S. D. Baker, Nico Vassilakis, Jennifer Drake, Brian Ownbey, John Rybicki, Kristina Tunisia, Douglas Miller

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