Caliban 9

People who try to dress like poets or pose as tormented sensitive types usually write terrible poems.
--Antonio Porta, So You Think You're A Poet

I must not speak of the herbs that sing on Christmas Eve,
or the terrible cry of the mandrake.
--Melissa Monroe, Germs of Mind in Plants, by R. H. Francé

A man is born with a stone and thinks
it the weight his breath suspends
at the end of a pendulum
--John Lindgren, Birth of a Stone

The trees are the one constant,
always touching the earth
but reaching for something else.
--Silvia Curbelo, Bedtime Stories

The world is a stain on the mirror.
--David Huerta, from Incurable

Featuring: Dionisio Martínez, Diane Wakoski, Antonio Porta, Spencer Selby, Forest Goodblood, Dieter Weslowski, Christopher Davis, John M. Bennet, Melissa Monroe, D. E. Steward, Ronnie Burk, Ray DiPalma, Louise Erdrich and Michael Dorris, Roger Williams, Amanda Yskamp, Edward Smallfield, Sheila E. Murphy, Stephen Ratcliffe, Kisoon Griffith, Kevin Walker, John Lindgren, Silvia Curbelo, Greg Mulcahy, George Kalamaras, Wanda Coleman, Gerald Vizenor, Raymond Federman, David Huerta, Jeanne Beaumont, Edward Mycue, Nico Vassilakis, Jay Passer, Christina-Marie, John Bell, Simon Perchik, John Bradley, Sonya Hess, Joel Lewis, Edouard Roditi, José Quiroga, Judith Roitman, Gaspar Aguilera Diaz, Lisa Cooper, B. Z. Niditch, Tyrone Williams, Guy R. Beining, Wayne Toups and Nathan Williams,

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