Caliban 15

We remain who we are,
but slowly,
by insertion.
--Elizabeth Robinson, Appointment

which explains
their coiling &
chewing, down
this white wall
next to the driveway,
in this last heat
of August.
--Dieter Weslowski, The Snail Carries Both Sexes

The oldest Mercedes in California adorns
the crowded foyer of the L. A. County Museum
of Natural History.
--B. H. Fairchild, A Model of Downtown Los Angeles, 1940

We all have our traits. I'm a slow learner. Mary Sue plays with money,
Bobby fire, and me knives. But I got burnt and John got cut. Mary Sue
should be dead.
--Amy Montgomery, Just Learn

Featuring: Amiri Baraka, Carmela Delia Lanza, Harry Martin, Sheila E. Murphy, Lindsay Hill, Selena L. Engelhart, Gerald Vizenor, Irving Weiss, Ronnie Burk, Elizabeth Robinson, Yang Mu, Nico Vassilakis, Carolyn Stoloff, Ricardo Pau-Llosa, Dieter Weslowski, Garfield Linton, John M. Bennet, Sonya Hess, Albino Carrillo, Brenda Flanagan, William L. Fox, Julie Morin, B. H. Fairchild, Bob Heman, Matthew ernst, Bino A. Realuyo, Annie Hanson, Robert Gregory, Sacrecrow, Jennifer Moss, Dale Houstman, Tim Kahl, Dominique Grandmont, Will Alexander, Doren Robbins, Kisoon Griffith, Edward Smallfield, Jefferson Adams, Andrew Gebhardt, Amy Montgomery, Chuang Che Portfolio, Jim McCrary, Tom Wayman, Lyn Lifshin, Steven Carter, Michael Loncar, George Angel, Dan Raphael, Heather Sweeney, Stephen-Paul Martin, Timothy Liu, Gerard Malanga, Ray Gonzalez, Mark Huser, Ken Cormier, Spencer Selby, Errol Miller, Lawrence R. Smith

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