Caliban 4

If you want to kill a relative,
The ax kick is perfect. Finger pokes
Make blind people, a quick thrust to the throat
Stops a lot of people from singing.
--Gary Soto, The History of Karate

Everyone knows about water. When you drop something in it, the thing
disappears and the point of entry closes over again. It looks the same as it
was before, only now it's got your watch.
--Paul Hoover, Water

This is not psychology. It is a separation
from all moments of repression, an embrace
barely perceptible in its source.
--Gene Frumkin, Outnumbering Any One Way

Featuring: Lyn Lifshin, Bill Knott, William Burroughs, Gary Russell Smith, Julia Ardery, Gary Soto, A Forum On The Prosody Of Thelonius Monk: Harry Smallenburg, Clark Coolidge, Steven Somers, Yusef Komunyakaa, Charles bernstein, Lawson Fusao Inada, Wanda Coleman; Russell Edson, George Hitchcock, Bia Lowe, Robert Schuler, Lou Lipsitz, Ivan Argüelles, Guy R. Beining, Raymond Federman, Melissa Lentricchia, Ronnie Burk, Dieter Weslowski, Herb Scott, Paul Hoover, James Grabill, Charles Bernstein, Gene Frumkin, Sonya Hess, George Kalamaras, Ammiel Alcalay, Charles Borkhuis, Nicolo Fabrizi, Lee Ballentine, Thad Ziolkowski, John M. Bennet, Terry Hauptman, Carter Revard, Rosanne Wasserman, Jay Passer, Eli Gottlieb, Kevin Magee, Gerard Malanga

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