Caliban 1

I decide to come to you beneath
like an aqueduct pipe
a closed faucet, silent but on fire
ready to quench the wide open thirst
that's taken hold.
--Antonio Porta, Distance In Love

Cell is mind stall, is
bone of brain illumined
in whole
--Clark Coolidge, In Cell

A mouth said a bad word. A foot
kicked me. One brick in the pavement
stared into my left eye, and a noise
came closer and closer--a siren.
--William Stafford, Local Events

Featuring: Bill Knott, Ivan Argüelles, Wanda Coleman, Jerome Rothenberg, Gary Russell Smith, Michael Harper, Janet Kauffman, Diane Wakoski, Al Hellus, Edouard Roditi, Maxine Hong Kingston, Gary Russell Smith and Ahn Soon Sim, Henk Bernlef, Jack Anderson, William Stafford, Sheila Smith, C. H. Wang, Yang Mu (C. H. Wang), Chuang Che, Chuang Che and Mary Chang, Lawrence R. Smith, Judith Minty, Charles Baxter, Louis Simpson, Ron Silliman, Colette Inez, David Ignatow, George Hitchcock, Raymond Carver, Robin Hudechek, Lawson Fusao Inada, Antonio Porta, Victor Contoski, Clayton Eshleman, Clark Coolidge, Nicolo Fabrizi, Charles Henri Ford, Norman Russell, B. H. Fairchild, William Matthews, Diane Wakoski

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