Caliban 2

A vocabulary of objects and occurrences, properly arranged, induces illumination.
--Caliban, Afterthoughts

A toothless old man wants to send his false teeth on a round-the-world
cruise. He wants to send his shoes to college. Meanwhile, the darkness
--Russell Edson, Cursing The Dark

From where I sit, I can see other
things: a silver porcupine, pins
standing upright. It is a vanished tale of a
vanished forest at the shore of a vanished ocean.
--Keith Waldrop, An Apparatus

What did the mouse ask of the trap?
What did the wound say to the knife?
What does bread sing to wine
and soap to water?
--Philip Levine, Don't Ask

The width of an awning--no closer
than that will I approach you
--Kirsti Simonsuuri, An Awning, The Senses

Featuring: Lou Lipsitz, Robert Bly, Rebecca Radner, Ahn Hyun-Il, Carolyn Stoloff, Gary Soto, Marilyn Chin, Charles Simic, Ira Cohen, W. S. Merwin, Yusef Komunyakaa, Huh Se-Wook, Dan Campion, Ray A. Young Bear, Toi Dericotte, Joel Lewis, Ugo Carrega, Anna Oberto, Allessandro Algardi, Stelio Maria Martini, Sarenco, and Vincenzo Accame: A Portfolio of Italian Visual Poetry,
Jim Harrison, C. D. Wright, James Bertolino, Lyn Lifshin, Olga Broumas, Ted Joans, Robert Creeley, Russell Edson, Kirsti Simonsuuri, Rosmarie Waldrop, David Graham, Richard Kostelanetz, Raymond Federman, Stuart Dybek, Eric Torgersen, Sonya Hess, Anselm Parlatore, Dan Gerber, Garrett Kaouru Hongo, John McFarland, Charles Henri Ford, Chuck Oliveros, Nancy Willard, Edward Mycue, Nancy Kricorian, Francisco Hernández, Nathaniel Tarn, Keith Waldrop, Jeffrey Jullich, Ivan Argüelles, Andrew Joron, Lyn Hejinian, George Barlow, Philip Levine, Lawrence Fixel

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