Caliban 6

Americans invented the movies; we invented adolescence.
Teen-age films are
our genius.
--Diane Wakoski, Rosekavalier

And in a house of many doors, such as the city, the distinction, inside to out, may be difficult,
an habitual mystery.
--Janet Kauffman, The Blue Door Of Detroit

Let me tell you something about meditation. At the absolute center,
is the vortex we are spun from like clay, there is a shaping hand which
is neither Godlike nor peaceful as you imagine.
--Forrest Gander, The Violence Of The Egg

I've come to love the skyline at least;
it's not kind, not always kind like a perfect friend,
but beautiful, and lit.
--Deborah Keenan, The City

only a spider of black wires
where once the Oracle spoke
in a whirlwind.
--Dieter Weslowski, The Angelus Hour

Featuring: Edward Mycue, William Stafford, Gerald Vizenor, Robert Turney, Janet Kauffman, Edward F. Fry, Lawrence R. Smith, John McFarland, Toi Dericotte, Gene Frumkin, Hans Blumenberg, Gabrielle Glancy, Leon-Paul Fargue, Edouard Roditi, Russell Edson, Dionisio Martínez, Ira Cohen, James Tate, George Angel, Andrew Joron, Ellen Wilt, Jonathan Sinagub, Nicolo Fabrizi & Lawrence R. Smith: A Practical Utopia Notebook, Errol Miller, Tobey Hiller, Charles Baxter & Caliban, Michael McClure, Ronnie Burk, Ray DiPalma & Charles Bernstein, Lisa Bernstein, Brian Swann, Chuang Che, Yannis Ritsos, Diane Wakoski, Martine Bellen, Robert Vander Molen, Joseph Nechvatal, Tom Mandel, John M. Bennet, David James, Forrest Gander, Jay Passer, Lawrence Fixel, David Kresh, Carl Martin, Norman Russell, Campbell McGrath, Robert Edwards, Deborah Keenan, Nico Vassilakis, Albert Goldbarth, Kristopher Saknussemm, Dieter Weslowski, Damon Krukowski, Bruce Andrews, Anselm Parlatore, Charles Borkhuis

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