Caliban 14

There are some aliens camped near us in blue denim suits--Martians I think--and I visit them.
William S. Burroughs, My Education: A Book of Dreams

This is her pilgrimmage, as moslems go to mecca, as jews to the western
wall, as japanese to mona lisa in the louvre, she has come to Corcovado
walking in the steps of enchantment.
--Brenda Flanagan, The Girl From Bahia

Sometimes I wake up alone, she said,
and the idea of audience
is an unnecessary contrivance
--Elaine Equi, So What

i have three wings. with whom do i flock?
--Wanda Coleman, American Sonnet (29)

Wherever I go I carry a door with me, opened or closed, depending on
what's happening.
--David Ignatow, Thank You

Featuring: William S. Burroughs, Rosmarie Waldrop, Nathaniel Tarn, Brenda Flanagan, Will Alexander & Andrew Joron, Diane Wakoski, David Ignatow, Nancy Willard, Chim Nwambueze, Bruce Andrews, Silvia Curbelo, Dionisio Martínez, Sherman Alexie, Elaine Equi, Ricardo Pau-Llosa, John M. Bennet, Gerald Vizenor, Ronnie Burk, Sonya Hess, Katherine Keane & Jonathan Sinagub, Bob Heman, Eleni Sikélianos, Ted Lardner, Ivan Argüelles, Clint Frakes, Wanda Coleman, Jay Passer, Rick Alley, Spencer Selby, Ghita Schwarz, Tom Wayman, John Nóto, Jack Anderson, Richard jostelanetz, John Brandi, George Angel, Adam Cornford, Paul Naylor, Paul Grillo, Ira Cohen, Rachel Loden, Robert Gregory, Edward Mycue, Edward Smallfield, Laurie Bouck, John Olson, Raymond Federman, Carlos Faraco, Erik Belgum

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