Caliban 13

I give you an untamed afternoon blowing blackbirds off course
Clerks chase a yellow memo through the park
--Carolyn Stoloff, Slides

Knowledge is sequence, not tense, and in that sense space, not time,
is ticking in our heads and matter is all that matters.
--Morton Marcus, The Big Broadcast

The water in your flower vase five days old,
my radio losing its signal as the sky
draws near.
--Timothy Liu, Forty Percent Chance of Rain

Last night I burned three hundred calories dreaming about your hair
--John Engman, Terrible Weather Conditions

I take the rainy landscape from my window
remove the shadow of the wutong tree
wipe you off
--Yang Mu, The Woman In Black

Featuring: Interview with Ladonna Harris, Gerald Vizenor, Catherine Sasanov, Sherman Alexie, Ronnie Burk, Kisoon Griffith, Robert Hildt, Ghita Schwarz, Linette Lao, Morton Marcus, Hugh Fox, Susan Anderson, Lindsay Hill, Tim Kahl, Gary R. Smith, Bob Heman, Carolyn Stoloff, Yusef Komunyakaa, John M. Bennet, Brian C. Johnson, Andrew Joron, Dieter Weslowski, Dan Raphael, John Nóto, Toby Lurie, Colette Inez, Timothy Liu, Terry Hauptman, Lou Lipsitz, Grant Clauser, Sianne Ngai, Adam Sol, John Engman, Sam DiFalco, Rachel Loden, Yang Mu, Guy R. Beining, Kirk Hamlin Perry, Lawrence R. Smith, Edward Smallfield, Peter Marcus, Judith Roitman, Simon Perchik, Errol Miller, Brian Schorn

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